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Arena Heroes CD cover
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About Arena-Heroes

The Arena Heroes project was started in 2013 by Ken Mertz to capture the excitement and energy of a live sports event through music. With the project Ken is on a mission to create a stadium classic that gets played in professional sports arenas. While primarily a guitarist, he also uses a keyboard, computer and samples of his own voice (and others) to create the arena feel. In addition to making music, Ken is also a visual artist who creates the album artwork and music video aesthetics.


Ken Mertz

Ken Mertz creator of Arena Heroes: Music for Sports

Originally from Pennsylvania, Ken lived and studied in Michigan at Ferris State University (where hockey is a way of life) and Kendall College of Art and Design (where Digital Media from animation to music all come together). After living in Tochigi prefecture, Japan, for more than a decade, in 2022 Ken returned to his home state of Pennsylvania, and is a member of the team at Immersive MMG Studios (Lancaster, PA).

Arena Heroes flag
Arena Heroes CD cover